Committed to a Better Future without Cigarettes

We use research and science to develop a treatment that helps millions of people quit cigarettes, improving public health through the gradual eradication of nicotine addiction.

The Science Behind Nicotine Addiction Treatment

Nicotine Addiction is a public health concern that we are persistent in solving.

Kaival Labs uses research and science in developing a treatment for nicotine addiction. We are awarded a cessation patent for our invention. In this treatment, we modify the R-S-isomer ratio of nicotine in creating a non-addictive synthetic nicotine.

Patent for Forward-Thinking Formulation

Kaival Labs is a powerhouse for developing smoking cessation products using our patented R-S isomers formulation. Through our innovative methodologies and our synthetic nicotine formulation that is substantially free from carcinogenic compounds, we are helping millions of people worldwide.

We are certified to devise smoking cessation products through our cessation patent. We also synthesized a method of creating R-S-Nicotine that is of 99.5% purity and can be manufactured on a global scale.

Our innovations today fuel the future we want to see.




Developing a synthesis of pharmaceutically, pure,

USP grade, (R,S)-nicotine applicable for industrial-scale preparation and commercially viable.

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  • Kaival Labs Innovation

    • Developing a synthesis of pharmaceutically pure, USP grade, (R, S)-nicotine applicable for industrial-scale preparation and commercially viable
    • Developing a method for synthesis of the pure nicotine without most of, or any other, non-nicotine moieties commonly found in tobacco-derived nicotine
    • Developing (R, S)-nicotine preparations that are greater than 99.5% pure, which meet or surpass the purity requirements described for nicotine in the USA USP monograph
    • Developing a synthetic route to (R, S)-nicotine that uses starting materials that are readily available worldwide in large quantities
    • Providing a competitive pricing strategy for wholesale marketplace versus tobacco-derived nicotine
     Kaival Labs Innovation
  • Kaival Labs Commitment

    • Premium Quality Raw Materials
      • All raw materials are sourced from accredited suppliers to ensure safety and quality.
    • Secure, High-Tech Facility
      • Our dedicated facility is innovated to cater to our patented manufacturing.
    • Certified Processes
      • All processes and our facility are cGMP and ISO certified.
    • Responsible Communication
      • We address customer concerns promptly, and we communicate with them throughout the partnership.
    • Quality Assurance and Strict Monitoring
      • Every product is assessed and monitored thoroughly.
    • Pure Synthetic Nicotine
      • Synthetic nicotine without the impurities from tobacco.
    Kaival Labs Commitment

Leading with a Vision

Innovation is an attempt to solve the problem. We have been part of the industry long enough to be imperative in addressing tobacco nicotine addiction. Imagine a future without tobacco nicotine? What do you see? To us, it’s a more sustainable world with an improved quality of life, especially to those who are exposed to cigarettes and tobacco products. We want to take part in achieving this vision.

— Niraj Patel, CEO of Kaival Labs



The long list of studies and records that prove the harmful effects of tobacco consumption will continue and drive the market to use premium synthetic nicotine from Kaival Labs. Lessening the use of cigarettes and tobacco products can impact human health.

Imagine a world without tobacco nicotine addiction — that’s where we want to be! Do you want to join us?


The smoking cessation market is projected to reach $63.99 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 16.9% from 2018 to 2026. This implies that our R-S-Nicotine patent is the future of the nicotine-related industry. The long list of studies and records that prove the harmful effects of tobacco consumption will continue and drive the market to use premium synthetic nicotine from Kaival Labs.

Kaival Labs commits to an improved lifestyle for cigarette smokers, dedicating our efforts to a better future.