WARNING: This product contains non-tobacco-derived nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

For The Community

Cigarette smoking is responsible for 1 out of 5 deaths every year in the US. Think of it as 1,300 smokers dying every day because of a small cigarette stick.

Aside from being the leading cause of preventable death, addiction to tobacco is also costing the state billions of dollars every year. With every tobacco prevention campaign, lawsuits, direct medical care for adults, and lost productivity due to smoking-related deaths, imagine a smoke-free world. What would the future look like without tobacco nicotine addiction? 

With the mission of providing a tobacco-free future, Kaival Labs is taking on to become a good corporate citizen by developing a product that can eliminate the cases of tobacco addiction and environment pollution. Reducing healthcare costs that come with nicotine-related problems is also part of our mission as a forward-thinking company.

Youth Access Prevention

No one under the age of 21 should use nicotine in any form. We only distribute the product to certified manufacturers.
We also uphold the same age restriction standards to our partners and suppliers.

Robust Age Restrictions

Credible Distribution

Reliable Partnerships

Fake Nicotine Watch

Manufacturers of fake nicotine use unregulated and low-quality raw materials, which may harm consumers of the e-liquid as they are unaware of the kind of nicotine they consume. Whereas, the non-tobacco derived nicotine used by Kaival Labs is tested and certified, as we make it a point to ensure that people are protected from the dangers of counterfeit synthetic nicotine.

Premium Raw Materials

High-Quality Non-Tobacco-Derived Nicotine

Tobacco-Free Smoking Cessation Products

Going Green by Quitting Smoking

Billions of trees are chopped down annually to grow and process tobacco. Such deforestation leads to several adverse effects, including soil erosion and degradation, loss of biodiversity, and water pollution.

And what about the cigarette butts thrown along the sidewalks? Nearly 38% of the collected litter on U.S. roadways are cigarette butts. The ground can absorb nicotine and heavy metals from these littered items, which can harm the fragile ecosystems.

Quitting smoking does not only protect the health of the people but the natural beauty of the environment as well.

Less Trees Cut

Less Litter

Less Adverse Effects on Biodiversity

A Team of Experts and Innovators

Kaival Labs is composed of a highly credible team. All of our processes are performed by experts and innovators, ensuring safe and quality output all the time. The community we serve matters to us, and they deserve nothing but the best in everything we do. 

Premium Quality

Credible Team

Forward-Thinking Mindset